Graphic Design Annual 2014: Posters

By Sawdust
Poster Title Page by Sawdust


This poster celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Japanese brand Issey Miyake. The pleats themselves are the main aspect of the range by Issey Miyake which form the beautiful swirl of the classy, yet delicious glass of wine represented in the poster. Other posters include various foods to create an appetising image of luxury. The combination of pleats and food draw the viewer in to the tastefulness and sophistication of Issey Miyake.

Client: Issey Miyake

Studio: Taku Satoh Design Office

-Based in: Tokyo, Japan

Want to learn more about them? Visit their site here


These highly graphical posters promoting Bavarian State Opera productions are sensational. How often do you find an opera poster that isn’t dark, highly serious and captures one of the opera singers in it? These vibrant posters truly break up the monotony by capturing the main theme of the opera advertised and then splashing it out with colour and intelligence. Who knows, maybe I’d be convinced to go to the Opera once in a while if they were promoted this way!

Client: Bavarian State Opera

Studio: Bureau Mirko Borsche

Illustrator: Craig & Karl

– Based in: Munich, Germany

Want to see some more of their work? Why not have a look here for Bureau Mirko Borsche and here for Craig & Karl

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