Bike in a Bag: Kit Bike

Apologies for the lack of posts. I’ve just finished University! Officially (scary) and have had all the celebrations and serious thoughts of becoming a ‘real’ adult! Now that graduation is over, I am currently trying to strike a balance between time in the sun, packing up my house and finishing job applications. I WILL give an update on New Designers that happened earlier this month, but, for the time being, here is a fantastic 21 piece bike that fits in a bag that twist and lock together!

The 21 Parts

Not quite like Mary Poppin’s bottomless bag, but the Kit Bike comes close enough. This project has won a Red Dot 2014 Award! Lucid Designs, an Indian company, have created the concept knowing all too well that a bike is only ever NOT awkward when you ride it. So why not make a bike that is easily dissembled and fits into a snazzy leather back pack? Follow this link to the video.

The Kit Bike Bag

The design is not yet in production, but Lucid Design is considering it in the future. Materials include cork handlebars, a leather seat and hollow aluminium tubes.

Stunning. Sustainable. Simple. I like it.

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