The Backpacker’s Journal: Buenos Aires Infused Street Art

I have just returned from, possibly, the best trip of my life – so far. I’ve spent the last 20 days visiting several cities in Bolivia, northern Chile and Argentina, but Buenos Aires stole the prize. I could talk for hours about the beauty of the architecture, the rich history or even the relevance of their past to the Argentine’s every day life, but that would require several posts. Instead, let me show you an insight to all these things found in one art form: Street Art. Continue reading “The Backpacker’s Journal: Buenos Aires Infused Street Art”

The Backpacker’s Journal: The Warmth of Colour

I have just returned from a fantastic trip to Malta with my beloved sister. This small, historically and gastronomically rich country sits in between Italy and North Africa which gives the traveller (who is on a quest for sunlight) a glimmer of hope that they can find a sunny winter location in Europe. Continue reading “The Backpacker’s Journal: The Warmth of Colour”