Project Monsoon: Bringing Colour to Seoul

Cold, grey and rainy. Those are the words I would use to describe today, but the onslaught of rain made me wonder. What if there is a way to bring magic to these dreary days? A quick search and presto! I may have found the most beautiful project I’ve ever laid eyes on. Continue reading “Project Monsoon: Bringing Colour to Seoul”

The Backpacker’s Journal: Buenos Aires Infused Street Art

I have just returned from, possibly, the best trip of my life – so far. I’ve spent the last 20 days visiting several cities in Bolivia, northern Chile and Argentina, but Buenos Aires stole the prize. I could talk for hours about the beauty of the architecture, the rich history or even the relevance of their past to the Argentine’s every day life, but that would require several posts. Instead, let me show you an insight to all these things found in one art form: Street Art. Continue reading “The Backpacker’s Journal: Buenos Aires Infused Street Art”

Inspiration in the fields

If you read this blog regularly, you will know that I have left Brighton and ventured to Dorset to brave the working world for the first time. As someone who grew up in the city, I did find it all very strange coming down to the countryside and my city friends quickly nicknamed my current location as ‘The Land of Cows and Sheep’. The slower pace, the whispering winds and colossal cliffs are all regular features here. Awe is the word that comes to mind when I witness this scenery, but for others, it is inspiration. Continue reading “Inspiration in the fields”

The Backpacker’s Journal: Spanish Street Art

I have quite literally just returned from backpacking around Spain. 10 days. 5 cities. I had the most extraordinary experience which has given me the contagious disease known as Travel Fever. I am constantly checking for the next cheapest flight and how long it’ll take me to earn the money needed for my next adventure. However, with this brief journey around Spain, I was left in awe at its architecture and street art. As you can probably guess, here is some of the street art I stumbled upon. Continue reading “The Backpacker’s Journal: Spanish Street Art”

The Backpacker’s Journal: Tiles Galore

Just a quick apology that I haven’t been able to post anything up for quite a while! I haven’t found the time between travelling, my final results (for those who are curious, check my List of Modules) and now New Designers. If you are interested in design and can get to London, I highly recommend a visit to New Designers (2nd-5th July) to see the talent of top UK design graduates from across the nation (for tickets click here). Continue reading “The Backpacker’s Journal: Tiles Galore”

Creative Classroom Motivation

Graphic design is one of those things that is so often thought of as something ‘some creative’ does on a computer. In fact, it is TOO often thought as that. If you’re a BuzzFeed addict you may have already come across this duo from Columbus College of Art, but they have got this Graphic Design ‘thing’ right. Continue reading “Creative Classroom Motivation”

The 1900s Viennese Stroke

Rumor had it there was an exhibition up in London on Viennese artists including my two favourites: Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele. So this morning I left my house more excited than a child on christmas eve! My art buddy and myself trekked up to London fighting through the crowds till we finally arrived at Trafalgar square. As per usual, the myriad of sounds and sights in this famous square took me by surprise as the bagpipes mingled with the b-boys’ beats and the grand piano accompanied the unicycling street performer. Continue reading “The 1900s Viennese Stroke”

Capturing the Soul in a Contraption

First off, I’d just like to apologise for how long I’ve left this. Deadlines and Uni work have been piling up and I’ve only just managed to get a break!

Although the main focus for this blog revolves around Design, Illustration and Technology, I can’t avoid the beauty of captured masterpieces, and by this, I mean the art of photography. Continue reading “Capturing the Soul in a Contraption”