Building a Brighter (Lego) Future

A while ago I gave my favourite childhood toy a bit of an analysis after losing faith in its severely gendered stereotype toys and, thankfully, found that it was slowly marching back in the right direction to becoming a unisex toy (read the previous blog post here). It will never hold the genderless uniqueness it had when I used to play with it as a kid, but by introducing new sets, minifigs and revising materials used in production Lego may actually become an inspiration to both children and the corporate world. Continue reading “Building a Brighter (Lego) Future”

Brick by Brick

Lego. The toy that took over my childhood. The little bricks that could make complex¬†constructions, the mini figures that could create endless stories and scenarios. Lego¬†is an intelligent toy that allows the simplicity of one brick to open up a world of endless opportunities, but when did Lego become so ‘blue aisle’ focused? Continue reading “Brick by Brick”