The world isn’t flat… And neither is your touchscreen

People say I’m a little old school with my ‘non touchscreen’ phone. What can I say? I like buttons! The interaction with them, the sound of them and the knowledge that you are successfully typing in a single letter or number, but this all backfires when technology is swiftly moving towards interactive touchscreen interfaces. Makes me feel a little old at times. Luckily, I stumbled upon something that made my jaw drop! Tactus Technology!

So our world has become a little flat,  just how our ancestor’s believed it was, but Tactus Technology has sent a pulse that is starting to curve it. By developing Tactile Layer™ and exploring haptics, Tactus has managed to change our interaction with our touch screen interfaces! When active, buttons rise out of the screen for the user to operate like any other keyboard. Deactivate it, and the buttons disappear leaving a perfectly flat surface! Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself!

I think this might be my lifeline to jump into the touchscreen world with a dash of old habits and a pinch of new technology! Maybe I won’t be the retro kid after all!

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