When that Lightbulb Above Your Head Lasts a Quarter of a Century

Revision has been tying me down and all forms of procrastination have been welcome, so it was no surprise that my meanderings on Facebook led to a small discovery pointed out by a friend. Philips have created something amazing… Amazing enough to drag me away from revision. Yes, it is a flat lightbulb. What is so great about this? Let me enlighten you. Continue reading “When that Lightbulb Above Your Head Lasts a Quarter of a Century”

Staircase Melodies

How many of you avoid taking the steps everyday when there is an escalator about? I know I definitely am a culprit due to my utter laziness, but this is really something that we all need to change.

The Fun Theory, an initiative by Volkswagen, tried to come up with a way of getting more people to use the stairs by adding a pinch of fun to it! Continue reading “Staircase Melodies”

The world isn’t flat… And neither is your touchscreen

People say I’m a little old school with my ‘non touchscreen’ phone. What can I say? I like buttons! The interaction with them, the sound of them and the knowledge that you are successfully typing in a single letter or number, but this all backfires when technology is swiftly moving towards interactive touchscreen interfaces. Makes me feel a little old at times. Luckily, I stumbled upon something that made my jaw drop! Tactus Technology! Continue reading “The world isn’t flat… And neither is your touchscreen”

Smart Handlebars and I Don’t Mean Just Plain Clever

I’ve just managed to get my bicycle down to Brighton with the tiniest shred of hope that it’ll keep me fit if I use it to get around town. After several moments of fearing for my life as the growling engines of my motorised road companions flash past, I couldn’t help thinking of road safety and how my tiny self could be just a tad more visible to the onslaught of traffic. This got me thinking of a nifty pair of handlebars I came across. Helios Bars! Continue reading “Smart Handlebars and I Don’t Mean Just Plain Clever”

Engineers in Tutus? Sounds Good!

Have you ever walked into an engineering University lecture? The first thing you’ll notice is the overwhelming smell of aftershave and then the realisation that there are barely any female students in the room. Why is it that girls don’t apply for engineering? The ‘Pink Aisle’ in a toy store is the perfect description of what we throw our young girls into and engineer Debbie Sterling believes it is the toys we play with that makes us girls lose interest in maths and science at such an early age. Continue reading “Engineers in Tutus? Sounds Good!”