The Big Knit

I’ve always been described as having child-like qualities. Whether this is because of my height or the fact that I can’t stop moving around I’m not quite sure. I like to play around with things which is why my favourite use of branding and packaging BY FAR goes to: innocent! It relates to both the young and the old and instills that playful quality in everyone!

You see it in the logo, that beautiful little thing that looks like a child could’ve drawn it. Simple. Fun. And my god does the whole brand pulse through it! But enough about their brilliant branding, what caught my eye was their charity event. The Big Knit.

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 12.10.02

Every year, the elderly in the UK struggle through winter, but they’ve found a way to help! They are trying to get everyone (as in us) to knit a hat, lots of them, for their smoothie bottles. A million of them will hit the shelves in November and every time you buy one, 25p will go to Age UK and directly help those elderly people in need! How do you get involved? Either knit a hat or if your knitting isn’t quite up to speed (I don’t even know how to hold the needles!) then click on The Big Knit and you can generate your own virtual hat! Every time you share it on Facbeook or Twitter, an extra 10p goes towards Age UK. Give it a go! This is my virtual creation:

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 12.09.46

Get involved with the Innocent Big Knit! Little Hats, Big Difference!

2 thoughts on “The Big Knit

  1. Love the idea of keeping the elderly or homeless warm with The Big Knit…doubt that many could afford a Smoothie bottle but a scarf or hat would be Awesome. You should get avid knitters like Julia Roberts on board or real humanitarians like Gary Sinise…use Twitter! Gee, I may even take up a pair of knitting needles for the first time in my,life! Good on ya for promoting this, Little Lemon Studio 🙂

    1. Thank you Maria! Really appreciate the comment! The hats themselves go on the bottles, and the bottles purchased raise money for Age UK! If you haven’t done so already, you should watch their ad for it that is at the bottom of the post! Such a brilliant and playful way to get important issues across!

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