Staircase Melodies

How many of you avoid taking the steps everyday when there is an escalator about? I know I definitely am a culprit due to my utter laziness, but this is really something that we all need to change.

The Fun Theory, an initiative by Volkswagen, tried to come up with a way of getting more people to use the stairs by adding a pinch of fun to it! In Odenplan, Stockholm, they created a piano staircase to see if people would actually use the stairs more than the escalator and it worked! 66% more people started walking up and down the stairs because it became FUN! Have a look for yourself:

Besides the fun factor, these designers have actively changed the habits of these people for the better. A bit of exercise can go a long way: improving the circulation of your blood, keeping healthy, having  a balanced lifestyle… The list goes on about the pros and all that they needed was someone to change a few key notes in their lives to make a daily commute change from a minor to a major activity! Funny how music makes the heart sing isn’t it?

For more design with intent by the Fun Theory, visit their website for more exciting bits and pieces on making the tedious things in life fun!

Everyone loves a smile and what better way to do it than spicing it up with some playfulness!

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