Photo Shoot Take 1

I was privileged enough this holiday to help out a fellow blogger, Girl in Menswear, on her new post. As you probably know, I’ve never been a fashion geek, but this blog really does interest me and I  was asked to take photos of her in Bushy Park, Teddington, as she exhibited her new look! I jumped at the opportunity, pulled out my trusty Nikon D5000 and off we went.

It was a lot of fun, but I had to learn fast. I never actually realised how hard it was to take pictures of clothes! Half of me wanted to create a crisp composition and the other half was battling to remember the main focus of why I was there. Take some good pictures and promote the clothes. This also led to some Photoshop emergencies to bring out the colours that I lost in the contrast.

I probably most enjoyed working with Girl in Menswear because of her curiosity. I was learning, but she wanted to as well, so while she was briefing me on how to take fashion photos, I subsequently gave her a crash course on Photoshop so she could get to grips with some detailed photo editing to create the high quality images she wanted. Her actual post is a mish-mash of my photography and her newly acquired Little Lemon crash course editing skills.

Take a look at the post here

Good Luck Girl in Menswear!

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