Inspiration in the fields

If you read this blog regularly, you will know that I have left Brighton and ventured to Dorset to brave the working world for the first time. As someone who grew up in the city, I did find it all very strange coming down to the countryside and my city friends quickly nicknamed my current location as ‘The Land of Cows and Sheep’. The slower pace, the whispering winds and colossal cliffs are all regular features here. Awe is the word that comes to mind when I witness this scenery, but for others, it is inspiration.

Terri Peay – Highland Cow

Terri Peay is an illustrator/designer based in Dorset that I have the pleasure of playing football with. It was quite by accident that I stumbled across her work and, quite frankly, I’m happy I did. Her illustrations depict mostly the animals down the South West and are printed on various homeware and interior products. The first time I glimpsed them I felt as if some pixie dust of sorts had been blown into my eyes and my sudden fear of cows and other such beasts melted away into a love for the animal. It is as if her illustrations opened my eyes to the beauty here.

Each creature springs to life with its own quirky personality and manages to capture the vividness of the country. How does she conjure this magic? I can’t say, but if you’ve ever visited this side of England you will understand exactly what I mean.

Terri Peay – Runner Ducks

Terri is a talented individual with an eye for charm and a dash of quirkiness that really makes her work stand out. If you ever wanted to take a piece of the countryside home, a Terri Peay product would be ideal! If you’re interested in seeing more of her work (and I recommend you do) check out her website and her Facebook page.

Terri Peay – Products

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