McDonalds for hipsters

The fast food giant we associate with happy meals, junk food and guilty pleasures has taken a turn for the better, or at least, I think for the better. With the increase in cyclists – caused by the rise of hipsters, healthier lifestyles, sustainable living and, well, bus prices –  good old Maccy D’s has launched a new campaign for their drive through system in Copenhagen, Denmark and Medellín, Colombia. The McBike.

Essentially, a push from an ad agency has resulted in new packaging for cyclists. Yup, that’s right. 1 burger, small fries and a drink all folded up into a brightly coloured disposable cardboard holder and you’re off. Simply hang it on your handle bars and you can cycle off to your next destination with a McDonalds in tow.

Although some see this as a one off gimmick, the ‘Do Not Disturb’ hotel hanger look alike is supposed to hit Amsterdam, Holland and Tokyo, Japan too! Imagine that. Fit people cycling to McDonalds to get a dose of delicious badness. I could definitely fall prey to this…

Honestly, I do quite like the simplicity and colour of the packaging, but was thoroughly amused by their launch campaign. Watch out healthy people of the world, McDonalds is after you!

My one question is, can your still order Chicken McNuggets to go?

If you’re a burger lover like me, been cycling around at University and to work, the only appropriate thing to say about this campaign is: I’m lovin’ it!

Source: Gizmodo 

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