Little Lemon Studio Rebrand

Little Lemon_Front
Front of New Business Card

Times have been hectic and the end of my grad scheme is currently rushing towards me. After 9 months experience in the industry, I had a look back at my blog and thought: time for a rebrand.

Little Lemon Studio is going to step it up a notch and, hopefully, centralise all my work at Yup, that’s right. This site will have my blog, an online portfolio, my CV… The whole works! I am currently building the website, but in the meantime, the show must go on! I will have more time on my hands to blog while getting my job applications through for job number 2 in the design world. I thought I’d give you a sneak peak of what I’ve been up to and what is going to happen.

Rebrand Sneak Peak
Rebrand & Portfolio Sneak Peak

I’ve got my portfolio all polished and ready to send as well as my CV. I fell a little for this colour combo and that is going to permeate my website too. What do you think?

Website Sneak Peak

A little something I’ve been working on is a new initiative: The Skill Exchange. After having so many friends working in start-ups and struggling to find the money for a designer, I proposed this initiative:

In addition to my professional responsibilities I recently launched a not for-profit scheme: The Skill Exchange.

Catering for small businesses, I provide design resources to organisations unable to afford design fees. In exchange I receive a “new” talent. This way I can expand my skills and abilities and give back to local businesses.

Projects include: ElmiFitness, MMAX Academy, Girl in Menswear rebrand etc

This is entirely dependant on my time and schedule as well as the value of the skill exchange. Hey, I have a lot of interests and am always excited about learning new things too so I figured “what better way of helping people out, doing something I love, honing my skills and expanding my skill set than designing for a skill exchange?” If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to contact me at:

Don’t know what to exchange? Here are a few insights on the projects above and their exchanges:

Elmi Fitness: 

A start-up personal trainer based in London. He is heavily influenced by martial arts based exercises, both outdoor and indoor activities as well as body weight training.

The skill exchanged?

Me:  Logo design, business cards and a website (currently under construction)

Him: Free personal training

MMAX Academy: 

A martial arts academy in Dorchester with various branches in the South West of England. Up and coming successful fighters as well as fun classes that cater for all abilities (including non-contact).

The skill exchanged?

Me: Wall art for the revamped dojo and t-shirt design (both currently underway).

Him: Free kickboxing lessons

Girl in Menswear:

A successful fashion blogger.

The skill exchanged?

Me: New logo for her rebrand

Her: One-on-one social media and blogging advice.

When each project is finished, I’ll release a post on them. When my website is complete, they’ll be in my portfolio too.

Hope you’re as excited (but significantly less nervous) as I am about this new launch. Watch this space!

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