The Innovation of Loneliness

The deadlines for Final Year have been rolling in so,unfortunately, I’ve had to put the blog on hold for a while so this is going to be a very short post! I’ve just come across a very interesting concept: The Innovation of Loneliness!

Now the video above clearly demonstrates what technology and our modern day society is doing to us, but that is only conveyed by the brilliant use of motion graphics. The simplicity of the video allows easy understanding especially with using concepts we are familiar with (such as molecular structures and standard shapes). The three colours (particularly the one contrasting magenta tone) used combined with text and the circles as well as powerful sounds help communicate this truthful threat to our social ways even more powerfully than we could imagine.

Well time is flying and deadlines are looming so I must be off! But in the meantime:

Rethink the way you socialise.

Rethink the way you present yourself.

Rethink what your values are.

Let us not fall into the Innovation of Loneliness!

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