Capturing the Soul in a Contraption

First off, I’d just like to apologise for how long I’ve left this. Deadlines and Uni work have been piling up and I’ve only just managed to get a break!

Although the main focus for this blog revolves around Design, Illustration and Technology, I can’t avoid the beauty of captured masterpieces, and by this, I mean the art of photography.

Every now and then, I stumble upon something that simply resonates at the core of my very being. I have rediscovered this rare feeling with a young photographer and artist whose images made my heart skip a beat when I first laid eyes on them.

Gioia Emidi is a 20-year-old student who carries her old Nikon with her wherever she goes. Every moment is an opportunity, and she manages to snatch each one with her own panache. In fact, her old school friends say that if there was ever a particularly beautiful sunset, she would run home from school as quickly as possible, grab as many objects that seemed necessary in the flurry of excitement, before setting the camera upon her tripod and taking as many pictures as possible. Only then would she head inside.

It seems to me that she lives to get lost in the moment; snapping still images that exude life. Only when one lives through their art, does it start to sing the artist’s melody, with all its highs and lows, majors and minors, and sudden changes of key.

The reason I adore Gioia’s work, is because it is as if she ignores the concept of ‘meaning’ and, instead, uses it as a reflection of her soul. The results of which, are simply stunning.

Want to see more? Visit Gioia’s Blog and Website.

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