Creative Classroom Motivation

Graphic design is one of those things that is so often thought of as something ‘some creative’ does on a computer. In fact, it is TOO often thought as that. If you’re a BuzzFeed addict you may have already come across this duo from Columbus College of Art, but they have got this Graphic Design ‘thing’ right.

These two students leave motivational quotes on blackboards in classrooms every week. They’ve taken a step back from technology and resorted to getting their hands covered in chalk dust to create this beautiful masterpieces. They simply:

“wanted something that would motivate us to get up and do work every week, but we also wanted to share the motivation and inspiration with the students and faculty at our school.”

For those of you who think Graphic Design is meant for computers, I simply cannot agree with you. It is the combination of both the physical and digital that creates the stunning graphics around us and it is this blend that makes good design. Graphics normally start with a few pencil marks on a piece of paper. To develop them into something finer by hand, is a beautiful thought to have.

This notion of kindling inspiration into others is something I hold close to my heart. If you’re still at school or maybe at Uni or even at work and there is a board of some kind, maybe we can reciprocate this idea and make our friends, colleagues and acquaintances have a brighter day. Just pick something up and try.

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