The HACKcessible Project

Time and time again, I’ve heard of this project mentioned: Hackcessible. As someone who tinkers around with bits and pieces to make up for my lack of height when it comes to high shelves and other such obstacles, it seemed only natural that I would eventually stumble upon a project like this, but I never accessed their website to take a proper look until now.

The Hackcessible project allows us to live our lives in an easier fashion making age, temporary infirmities and other such things we can’t avoid a diving board for design. It increases our independence and allows creativity to take the lead. Essentially, it is a community that we can hack bad design to make it good. They’ve described what they do as this:

Hackcessible has a collection of hacks that you can do yourself using inexpensive, readily available materials and objects.

Now, when they say inexpensive, they mean it. Anything from leftover plastic bags from your last food shop to clothes pegs could come in handy for the latest hack. Half the time, if you can’t find what you need, Poundland is likely to stock it.

Now the beauty of this project is that it is a community. Anyone can post their own personal hacks and who knows? Maybe someone on the other side of the world will be using your little invention to make their lives a little better. So get hacking!

Have a hack of your own? Why not share it with the rest of Hackcessible here

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