The Backpacker’s Journal: Tiles Galore

Just a quick apology that I haven’t been able to post anything up for quite a while! I haven’t found the time between travelling, my final results (for those who are curious, check my List of Modules) and now New Designers. If you are interested in design and can get to London, I highly recommend a visit to New Designers (2nd-5th July) to see the talent of top UK design graduates from across the nation (for tickets click here).

In the mean time, I shall leave you with some beautiful Portuguese tiles that I saw when travelling around the North of Portugal. I’ve always been well aware of these detailed, white and blue treasures that border Spain, but never have I seen them on such a large scale!




IMG_1134 DSC_0370

2 thoughts on “The Backpacker’s Journal: Tiles Galore

  1. Just so lovely…thank you for enriching and beautifying my day! Reminds me of tiles I saw in Seville (Plaza de Espana) and Granada…

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