IBM: Design-ward Ho!

IBM has always been at the forefront of technological advancement for the last century, but in its engineering and software focused company there has been a beautiful discovery. In the IBM archives small glimpses of gorgeous graphic design have been unveiled. Not only does this show us some interesting insight on the company’s past, but we can only expect more stunning graphic design work from the company as they are currently casting out a net to catch and recruit designers. Continue reading “IBM: Design-ward Ho!”

Ideas Bloom with Jimmy Dorrell

My one and only lecture this term that is running in juxtaposition with my final year project is Principles of Eco Design. The module consists of a combination of external lecturers, a live project and short projects to give us a well rounded understanding of sustainable design, but I’m not here to tell you what my course is all about, on the contrary, I’m here to tell you about things that really caught my eye. Things that I find particularly interesting and that, hopefully, you will too. This module’s first external lecturer was Jimmy Dorrell from Bloom and here is a little of what I learnt! Continue reading “Ideas Bloom with Jimmy Dorrell”

“From WHOA to meh” – Jonathan Chapman’s Inaugural Lecture

On Wednesday 22nd, I was fortunate enough to attend Jonathan Chapman’s inaugural lecture: Meaningful Stuff – Designing Longer-Lasting Material Experience at the University of Brighton. Yes, I mean THE Jonathan Chapman, author of Emotionally Durable Design. This prince of sustainable design gave an inspiring talk that made the audience laugh at his touching experiences and gasp in horror at the horrifically inefficient lives we lead. Let me share with you a little of what I learnt. Continue reading ““From WHOA to meh” – Jonathan Chapman’s Inaugural Lecture”

Graphic Design Annual 2014: Print

Print Title Page by Sawdust
Print Title Page by Sawdust


Scan 140190000

Scan 140190004

600 bright fluorescent sticky notes are perfectly aligned on the cover of this annual by Dentsu Inc. The brightly coloured cover doesn’t only dazzle your eyes, but, with time, you start to unveil the hidden cover. Not only useful, but exciting. A piece of print meant to be carried around and used! Continue reading “Graphic Design Annual 2014: Print”

Graphic Design Annual 2014

Procrastinating isn’t an option any more, but for a bit of relaxation I indulged myself in purchasing “Graphic Design Annual 2014: The most inspiring design from the world’s leading creatives, Computer Arts Collection” magazine. Now, I’ve only flicked through it quickly, but the work in there is phenomenal! So much so that I’ve decided that I’m going to share some of it with you. Continue reading “Graphic Design Annual 2014”

When that Lightbulb Above Your Head Lasts a Quarter of a Century

Revision has been tying me down and all forms of procrastination have been welcome, so it was no surprise that my meanderings on Facebook led to a small discovery pointed out by a friend. Philips have created something amazing… Amazing enough to drag me away from revision. Yes, it is a flat lightbulb. What is so great about this? Let me enlighten you. Continue reading “When that Lightbulb Above Your Head Lasts a Quarter of a Century”