Building a Brighter (Lego) Future

A while ago I gave my favourite childhood toy a bit of an analysis after losing faith in its severely gendered stereotype toys and, thankfully, found that it was slowly marching back in the right direction to becoming a unisex toy (read the previous blog post here). It will never hold the genderless uniqueness it had when I used to play with it as a kid, but by introducing new sets, minifigs and revising materials used in production Lego may actually become an inspiration to both children and the corporate world. Continue reading “Building a Brighter (Lego) Future”

The Modern Divide

Nowadays, our habits define us into “2 kinds of people” and for some bizarre reason, that “other kind of person’s” habits drives us completely up the wall. Confusion. Disruption. Inefficiency. Sometimes even disgust. We are left baffled at how that person could possibly do something so… so… well, slightly different. Portuguese artist João Rocha has captured this in a clever series of graphics defining the simple things that create the modern divide in a tumblr collection called 2 Kinds of People. Continue reading “The Modern Divide”

McDonalds for hipsters

The fast food giant we associate with happy meals, junk food and guilty pleasures has taken a turn for the better, or at least, I think for the better. With the increase in cyclists – caused by the rise of hipsters, healthier lifestyles, sustainable living and, well, bus prices –  good old Maccy D’s has launched a new campaign for their drive through system in Copenhagen, Denmark and Medellín, Colombia. The McBike. Continue reading “McDonalds for hipsters”

Coffee Ground Coffee Cups

Waking up in the morning can be a chore for many of us, but with the help of our caffeine fix we can be ready to tackle the day ahead. Just a little cup of coffee is all we ask for… That’s around 500 billion cups of coffee a year. Now imagine how many coffee grounds that adds up to. Yeah, I know… tons. That’s why Julian Lechner, a German designer, has turned coffee grounds into coffee cups. Continue reading “Coffee Ground Coffee Cups”

Inspiration in the fields

If you read this blog regularly, you will know that I have left Brighton and ventured to Dorset to brave the working world for the first time. As someone who grew up in the city, I did find it all very strange coming down to the countryside and my city friends quickly nicknamed my current location as ‘The Land of Cows and Sheep’. The slower pace, the whispering winds and colossal cliffs are all regular features here. Awe is the word that comes to mind when I witness this scenery, but for others, it is inspiration. Continue reading “Inspiration in the fields”

The Backpacker’s Journal: The Warmth of Colour

I have just returned from a fantastic trip to Malta with my beloved sister. This small, historically and gastronomically rich country sits in between Italy and North Africa which gives the traveller (who is on a quest for sunlight) a glimmer of hope that they can find a sunny winter location in Europe. Continue reading “The Backpacker’s Journal: The Warmth of Colour”