Simplicity is Key

I have literally just slowed down enough to come back to my blog. Everything has been pretty manic between a trip to Brazil to see my family and discovering that I got a full time job! I am all packed and ready to move down to Dorset now. While attempting to find all my belongings and wasting time on the net, I came across 3 Red Dot Award Winners that made me smile. Continue reading “Simplicity is Key”

Quintessentially British

Great Britain. The land of rain, tea and the Queen. An oversized island of rolling hills, bustling cities and pints galore. But what makes something quintessentially British? Is it having a cuppa or drinking a few too many pints in the pub or the incredible continuous conversations that revolves around the weather? That is the question on George Osbourne’s lips as he asked the public to define Britishness. Not in the form of words, brewing or baking but rather through currency. Through the British Pound Coin to be exact. Continue reading “Quintessentially British”

The Backpacker’s Journal: Spanish Street Art

I have quite literally just returned from backpacking around Spain. 10 days. 5 cities. I had the most extraordinary experience which has given me the contagious disease known as Travel Fever. I am constantly checking for the next cheapest flight and how long it’ll take me to earn the money needed for my next adventure. However, with this brief journey around Spain, I was left in awe at its architecture and street art. As you can probably guess, here is some of the street art I stumbled upon. Continue reading “The Backpacker’s Journal: Spanish Street Art”

Breathing Buildings

I am currently stuck in the crossfire of finding a job, moving back home and attempting to blog! As an officially unemployed and technically homeless designer (in the sense that I don’t have my own home but rather share a roof with my parents again), the race to find a job seems ever more pressing. While snooping around I did, however, come across this. Continue reading “Breathing Buildings”

Bike in a Bag: Kit Bike

Apologies for the lack of posts. I’ve just finished University! Officially (scary) and have had all the celebrations and serious thoughts of becoming a ‘real’ adult! Now that graduation is over, I am currently trying to strike a balance between time in the sun, packing up my house and finishing job applications. I WILL give an update on New Designers that happened earlier this month, but, for the time being, here is a fantastic 21 piece bike that fits in a bag that twist and lock together! Continue reading “Bike in a Bag: Kit Bike”

New Designers: Build Up

Today was the last setting up day before the top UK design graduates eagerly welcome potential employers in London’s Business Design Centre. Companies such as P&G, Mars and John Lewis will be awarding prizes tomorrow for a range of products seen at New Designers. The Business Design Centre, Islington, was bustling today with graduates painting, building and positioning their work with the hopes of being recognised, making contacts or, fingers crossed, getting a job! Now that would be living the dream hey? Continue reading “New Designers: Build Up”

The Backpacker’s Journal: Tiles Galore

Just a quick apology that I haven’t been able to post anything up for quite a while! I haven’t found the time between travelling, my final results (for those who are curious, check my List of Modules) and now New Designers. If you are interested in design and can get to London, I highly recommend a visit to New Designers (2nd-5th July) to see the talent of top UK design graduates from across the nation (for tickets click here). Continue reading “The Backpacker’s Journal: Tiles Galore”